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Guru Outdoors, is company who provides services to brand companies for their unstoppable connectivity.

  • Believes in group works.
  • For best result need to connect 24x7.
  • Foundation of branding and marketing is their quality and service.
  • Right choice of service and select correct marketing method is the key of success.
  • For impressive growth in markets, we believe to protect and enhance brand image in flowy and challenging market.
  • We respect our clients brand value and their privacy.
  • We try to give satisfactory sensation about project.
Work Order

Guru Outdoors initiates projects with detailed work orders that define tasks and resources, Procurement Logistics, and Creative aspects.

Work Completion

Guru Outdoors unites Production, On-Ground Execution and Creative teams for comprehensive project fulfillment, such as mobile van campaigns and exhibitions.


Guru Outdoors' Accounting entails Finance, IT, and Administration synergy, managing receivables, payables, and salaries across departments.


Business Structure


Operations at Guru Outdoors encompass a spectrum of activities, including costing analysis to ensure budget alignment. Production teams execute projects meticulously, creating tangible outcomes that mirror the brand's essence. OG-HR works behind the scenes, managing the human resources element for a harmonious workplace environment. Procurement Logistics source essential materials, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for various service projects. On-Ground Execution teams manage projects' physical realization, from mobile van campaigns to exhibitions.

Project Management

Client Servicing teams engage clients actively, understanding their needs to deliver tailored project solutions. Strategy Planning involves devising comprehensive approaches that align with both client requirements and business goals. Cost Planning is a cornerstone, ensuring financial viability without compromising service quality. Finance follow-up maintains financial clarity and client satisfaction post-project.

Strategic Management

Business Development Policies drive Guru Outdoors' growth, aligning projects with market trends and demands. Financial oversight ensures optimal resource allocation, reinforcing the company's financial health. BAHR Quality Assurance ensures consistency, aligning service delivery with brand values and client expectations. Strategic Management creates a synergy that maintains brand integrity and nurtures enduring client relationships.


Idea Development sparks innovation, generating unique concepts that resonate with clients' brands. Creative Design translates ideas into compelling visuals, capturing the essence of the project. Execution & Production teams bring designs to life, delivering tangible outcomes that reflect the brand's identity. Creative synergy ensures the realization of captivating projects, fostering impactful marketing campaigns.

Finance, IT, Administration & HR

Receivables and Payables are managed diligently, maintaining financial stability and transparent transactions. Salaries and HR administration create a conducive work environment, fostering employee satisfaction. Office Admin coordinates logistics, ensuring operational smoothness and efficient workflow. IT integration supports accounting accuracy and facilitates digital media management.


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Box Mobile Van Activity
LED TV Mobile van activity
Mobile Van activity

Dealer Board
Farmer Demo Board
Eicher Mobile Van Activity
Mini Dealer Board
Acrylic Dealer board
Arch Gate
Digital Wall Painting
Exhibition Stall Branding
LED Wall Mobile Van Activity
In Shop Branding
Mini Hoardings
Non Woven Bag Branding
Product Demo Van Activity
Tricycle marketing
Umbrella branding
Wall And Trolley Painting

Chakradhar Pawtekar

It was a pleasure working with your team.

Swapnil Kharche

It was an absolute pleasure working with Guru outdoors.

Priya Amrute

I would highly recommend Guru outdoors to anyone who is looking to do outdoors advertising.

Pooja Nirmote

Working with Guru Outdoors has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise and dedication helped us achieve remarkable results in a short time.


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